Friday, October 23, 2009


Writing the first entry of a blog is a daunting task. It sets the tone and gives the reader an idea of what to look forward to in the entries ahead. Or it serves as a keystone for the first time visitor of a random entry to look back and understand the essence of the blog's purpose and style.

But the thing is...I don't have it all figured out yet. And that's the whole point. I have a nebulous idea in my mind of a blog that serves as a recording mechanism of my thoughts, hopes, frustrations and revelations that will guide my future where I want it to go. Because if there was one thing I took away from my Entrepreneurship course in college it was "Write it down. And it will come." At the time, I thought it to be the silly preachings of an OCD businessman. Until it worked for me. With PCL.

PCL stands for Peacefulness, Cuddling and Laughter. 3 seemingly random words but they comprise what I was looking for in a romantic relationship. The words emerged to me a little over a year ago at a time in my life when I knew I was ready for a relationship but needed some parameters to determine what it should be. I'd been on the dating scene for a bit of time and wasn't finding what I was looking for. But how can you find what you can't even articulate? It's nearly impossible. I decided to pin it down to 3 large concepts of what I was looking to get out of the relationship. 3 goals, if you will. And I think that's important because it wasn't a list of specific character traits for my mate as much of a rule of thumb for the outcomes of our interactions.

So I started writing it. "PCL." Everywhere. It was on my facebook profile, my Twitter, in my diary. Anywhere I would see it. It must've been guiding my thoughts, actions, mood, something because eventually I found it. I started dating someone I had it with and a few months later realized that it had manifested itself. And that's where the name of the blog comes from.

I do not subscribe to a religion or believe in magic but I do believe in manifesting your future. So that's the initial aim of the blog, at least, to serve as a recording mechanism for manifesting my future. I invite you to follow and 'fest right along with me.